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You’ll be the one accomplishing great work in our stations. Why wouldn’t we reward you? We have countless ways to honor your big moments, from spot and hero awards to service anniversaries.

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All active CSI employees are eligible to receive an award through the CSI R&A Program. An employee must be on active status at the time the award is paid to qualify for the award.

Spot Awards: Recognize a single event of exceptional behavior that is above and beyond everyday responsibilities.

Hero Awards: Recognize exceptional behavior resulting in cost savings or significant added value.

service award

The CSI service award program recognizes service milestone anniversaries. CSI presents service awards to employees to recognize and express appreciation for their service with the company. Awards emphasize the common bond that dedicated service creates among employees, and their presentation affords an opportunity for personal recognition by an employee's supervisor. An eligible employee will receive service recognition after their first year of service, and at each five-year milestone, beginning with year five.

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